Consumer Services

Buying/Building/Remodeling Feasibility Study

Buying, building and remodeling very often is a very painstaking and mysterious adventure to most people. Habitat Advisory Group has the knowledge to step in and analyze the feasibility of your construction wishes whether they are to add on to your existing house, to build a new house or to alter a prospective home purchase. Architects, Designers and Realtors are very helpful in leading you through building and buying journeys but sometimes they need to be grounded a bit by an outside source. We work with homeowners to help determine the feasibility of proposed projects given their budget and their home’s structural constraints. Homebuyers utilize our services to help determine how a prospective purchase can be altered to meet the living needs of their family and still make the purchase affordable. If you have any “can we” or “what if we” construction questions, chances are that Habitat Advisory Group can economically assist in the answer. Contact us for more information about our Buying/Building/Remodeling Feasibility Study at

General Contracting Homeowner Support Program

Many homeowners feel that they would like the satisfaction of remodeling or adding on to their existing house while others would like to create their own dream house from the ground up. Habitat Advisory Group can help you realize your dreams by acting as an advisor in many different capacities, throughout the building process. We can help with the budgeting and materials lists or map out an easy to follow build out plan with predetermined inspections along the way to ensure your project will be done correctly, on time and within your budget. The joys of being creative and making your dream come to fruition is only a matter of being lead through the adventure by a capable guide. Contact us for more information about our General Contracting Homeowner Support Program at

Sub-Trade Evaluation and Reference Checks

There are many times throughout the life of a homeowner and/or a do-it-yourselfer, that one must enlist the services of a tradesman/tradeswomen to perform a trade that requires an expertise you do not possess. Usually one asks around regarding a capable and honest trades person hoping that the tradesperson can service your project to your expectations. Most often, people do not do diligence before hiring a tradesperson, either because they don’t have the time or they feel funny asking for references and actually calling to verify them. Habitat Advisory Group can help you in determining your trade needs and then act as the screening agent to check references and work quality, thus saving you a lot of construction pain and suffering. Contact us for more information about our Sub-trade Evaluation and Reference checks at

Quality Assurance Inspectional Program

The building of a house is a complex compilation of distinct trades, which build upon each other through a choreographed process directed by a person known to be the general contractor. General contractors come in all shapes and sizes. They can be homeowners who believe anyone can do it, tradesmen who have been educated on the job sites, or business minded individuals who see a buck to be made at the expense of what they see as little effort. The truth of the matter is that the building process is a very straight forward process to execute, but unless the individual in charge possesses years of valuable experience, the end result can be a costly disaster.

Whether you are remodeling, building a house, or buying a house which is under construction, the same question should always be asked, “Do all of the trades people strive for the best way to do their task or are they just going through the motions to get it done?” Unless the person in charge has the knowledge of all the trades, he or she is driven to accept the finished product as presented, not always being correctly done or of the highest quality. Quality, which is a word very loosely used, doesn’t usually cost extra money. Quality is an accumulation of common sense, industry knowledge and craftsmanship pride. Quality does not have to be advertised or pointed out, as it is a finished product which has a mystical glow of eternal promise.

Habitat Advisory Group can act as your quality assurance professional in a number of different ways. If you are acting as the general contractor yourself, you need us to inspect the various components before the trades are paid in full. If you are buying a custom home or remodeling, Habitat Advisory Group can act as liaison between your contractor and you, by carrying out various inspections to assure you are getting the best from all of the trades according to the plans. Inspection schedules and reporting methods can always be tailored to fit your project, budget and most of all, your expectations. Contact us for more information about our Quality Assurance Inspectional Program at

Residential Problem Diagnostics

Have you ever had a problem or emergency involving your home and not know what to do or who to call? Habitat Advisory Group is a diagnostic expert in the field of residential properties. We will come to your home, diagnose the problem and direct you to the proper trades that can create a solution to your problem. Many times, homeowners pay for corrective work, which was done in excess of the original problem, or they pay for a tradesman or tradeswomen who is really not qualified to do the work. Habitat Advisory Group can be your personal advisor in a capacity which suites your specific needs to help direct you through your troubled times. Contact us for more information about Residential Problem Diagnostic work at

3rd Party Arbitration Service

We all hate to think of the problems, which can be encountered during a construction project, but as careful as we all try to be, problems can arise. Periodically disputes will arise between a homeowner and a contractor regarding a construction issue such as expectation differences, quality issues, money issues and/or punch list holdback amounts. Habitat Advisory Group acts as an independent, construction qualified, 3rd party, who can be the go between for homeowners and contractors to help resolve any construction project disputes. We do not try to take the place of legal council, but we certainly should be your first call if you believe there is a construction related problem. Most problems are build around expectation differences and Habitat Advisory Group should be on hand to help you through realistic resolutions. Contact us for more information about our 3rd Party Arbitration Service at